Saturday, December 16, 2006

New podcast!

For those of you who still click on to this page I thank you for your comments and support. Now I have some news for you that hopefully will have you coming back, but in a bit of a different way. I have launched a podcast entitled CROSSING THE LINE: LIFE IN OCCUPIED PALESTINE . The new site is here at this address. Every week, I'll bring you interviews, news updates, and personal stories of those that know what is happening on the ground in Palestine, and not the blather that the Israeli military and US corporate media spew out all the time.

The podcast airs every Friday. It is only a 30 minute show for now, but I hope to increase it to an hour by the beginning of next year. If you like what you hear, then tell your friends to check it out. You can also download it from itunes as well.

This blog will still be up and I'll post news, commentaries and the like as often as I can, but for the moment, I am concentrating on the podcasts. thanks to all of you who sent well wishes for the show!



Ernie Halfdram said...

No problem getting to the site, but itunes doesn't like it. Any suggestions?

moi said...

Great job on the podcast Chris. We really need to tap into these new media outlets and let our voices be heard. Kudos!
ernie--I was able to access it through iTunes. I searched for "crossing the line".

Joel Keller said...

"Years of concessions to Israel???" What "concessions" have the Palestinians made exactly?