Monday, February 26, 2007

Israeli Army Invades Nablus

(Nablus) Amin Abu Wardeh
Monday, 26 February 2007

For the second consecutive day Israeli forces are invading the
northern West Bank's Nablus with continued raids and attacks on
residents and their homes. The Israelis killed a 41 year old man and
injured his son.

Eyewitnesses said that Israeli forces were firing at homes in order
to warn residents against aiding members of the armed resistance. The
Red Crescent reports that Israeli forces would not allow its crews in
to assist the injured.

The Director of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees,
Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, reports that Israeli forces are restricting
movement throughout the region, particularly when trying to bring
food and medical supplies to residents.

Universities, schools and kindergartens have been closed since Sunday
morning. The Director of Education cited the Israeli-imposed curfew,
and told PNN that Israeli forces are "shelling anything that moves."

Israeli forces stormed the Sanabil TV studios, confiscated its
contents and arrested the owner on Monday. That station has been the
target of numerous attacks in the past, with Israeli forces accusing
it of having links to Fateh's armed resistance wing, Al Aqsa
Brigades. The Palestinian Journalists Union issued a condemnation
last night against Israeli attacks on journalists.

During yesterday's invasion, Israeli forces overtook the radio waves
and made announcements warning residents against coming to the Old
City or putting their lives in mortal danger due to an ongoing
Israeli military operation. The Israelis also declared curfew
throughout the city and overtook a number of tall buildings for
sniper and observation posts.

This morning Israeli forces surrounded two buildings and open heavy
fire with bulldozers waiting. Soldiers shouted for all residents to
surrender themselves. An Israeli military spokesperson says the
invasion is against those on its "wanted" list. Israeli forces
arrested 16 Palestinians from throughout the city and took them to
unknown locations at dawn this morning.

Members of the armed resistance issued a statement Monday pointing
out that the armed resistance is merely an excuse, as is the notion
of "security." Israeli invasions do not stop, whether or not they
resist, and land confiscation and destruction, including of Al Aqsa
Mosque, continues when there is no resistance at all. Therefore, the
statement read, the armed resistance will do what it can to ward off attacks.

The bulldozers destroyed a home in the Old City this morning under
the pretext that a "wanted" man was there. Nablus' Old City is one of
the most ancient in the world and is severely damaged after years of assaults.

Palestinian security sources report Monday that dozens of houses in
the Old City neighborhoods of Yasmina, Aqaba and others are being
targeted. Israeli soldiers are forcing residents to gather in a
single room in each of the houses and are holding the families at
gunpoint. No one is allowed to move.

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