Friday, April 27, 2007

Ghosts in The Machine Podcast Available!

This week on a special Crossing The Line, since 1997 the United States has sent hundreds of people away to places unknown, innocent, yet accused of having terrorist ties; they have been drugged, imprisoned and tortured. I’ll speak with award-winning investigative journalist Stephen Grey about his new book that exposed the CIA’s torture program.

Also this week, our special correspondent Dahr Jamail reports from Lebanon about not only the country’s current political crisis and stalled recovery after the war with Israel, but also the influx of refugees from the Iraq war.

Then later in the podcast our weekly commentary by Mumia abu-Jamal and The War’s Toll compiled and read by Scott Burgwin of The Stand Independent News Service, all this coming up. But first a look back at the week’s press in Palestine reported by Kristin Ess.

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