Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Catastrophe Podcast Available!

This week on Crossing The Line, I continue with Pt.2 of my conversation with Israeli academic and activist Ilan Pappe.

Also this week, Professor Norman G. Finkelstein of DePaul University a noted academic scholar on Israel/Palestine, is being attacked by his old nemesis Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School regarding his attempts at tenure at DePaul. I'll speak to attorney Frank Menetrez who published an article regarding the long simmering fued between the two men and the danger of academic freedom on university campuses.

Then later, we'll hear from Aljazeera correspondent Laila el-Haddad about the current situation in the Gaza Strip in light of the 59th anniversary of al-Nakba "The Catastrophe"

And, as always, our weekly commentary by Mumia abu-Jamal.

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