Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Better Recognize

It might shock some people when I say this, but I understand why Israel won’t recognize a Palestinian government led by Hamas members who won’t recognize Israel. In Hamas’ basic charter it is stated that “The Zionist entity” has no right to exist.

So we’ve got that out of the way.

But it seems a pretty big leap for the U.S., EU, and Russia to ask this Hamas led government to abide by the conditions of the “Roadmap” when Israel is allowed to conduct itself in any manner it sees fit. Settlement expansion is very much continuing in the West Bank and East Jerusalem; a grave humanitarian crisis is consuming The Gaza Strip that promises to make this Ramadan one not of joy and cheer, but rather sullenness and gloom.

The targeted killings, the deluge of checkpoints, the inability to see one’s family that live a few kilometers away is now snuffed out because of an apartheid wall that has not only cut off loved ones from each other, but has also divided, destroyed, or confiscated property in it’s wake.

There is a growing consensus amongst Palestinians that the Hamas government not recognize Israel.


Arafat recognized the State of Israel and in exchange received pain and destruction.

The quartet that drew up the Roadmap has made life almost unbearable for the Palestinians. All aid has been discontinued because of Hamas’ non-recognition of Israel. The Israeli Navy has continued a blockade that prohibits Gaza fishermen from drifting out past shallow waters to fish; instead having them to cast their nets by hand over the bows of the boats. The main crossing from Gaza into Israel has been routinely closed leaving produce and other perishable cargo to rot in the containers. Daily assaults on civilian populated areas by the Israeli Occupation Army (IOF) have killed more than 200 men, women and children, most of whom were innocent bystanders since the military offensive “Operation Summer Rain” began.

And all the while the United States says nothing; rubber stamping whatever Israel wishes to do to the Palestinians; underlining Israel’s actions with the constant refrain; “We must fight the terrorists there so we don’t have to fight them here”; Arab states with they’re despotic governments remain quiet hoping not to anger the US or Israel for fear of receiving the same fate as Lebanon.

Last week we witnessed Mahmoud Abbas standing before the UN General Assemble saying that there would be a Unity government with Hamas, but he spoke to soon. Hamas is not ready to recognize Israel.

Why should they?

Based on the past experience from previous Palestinian governments there is no benefit for doing so.

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