Monday, September 04, 2006

The Weather Report

And now let’s check in with our meteorologist Skip Haegel for the latest on the “Summer Rains” in Palestine.

The “summer rains” that began falling on Gaza over two months ago are continuing. On 2 September the Northerly winds of the Israeli Occupation Forces swept through the town of Beit Hanoun unleashing its full might killing a father and son and injuring his two daughters.

It appears that these low lying clouds have moved on to other parts of the country over this period of time. It seems the storms which were solely supposed to be headed for Gaza have shifted a bit and begun heading towards the West Bank where many folks have been stranded at checkpoints, oftentimes pregnant women trying to get to hospitals.

Now I have to say that this storm ended up being far more reaching that even I would have figured it could get. The winds of war had a far reaching effect in the State of Lebanon where they did significant damage to infrastructure and loss of civilian life. In fact as a result of the carnage due to two storms combining together in the area of South Lebanon and Northern Israel, watchdog group Amnesty International has called upon the EU to investigate for possible war crimes.

After the onslaught of bombs raining down on both Lebanon and Israel, a tenuous ceasefire was constructed to keep any more rain out from the storm. Sadly, the northerly summer rain of the IOF has continued into Lebanon with seemingly impunity; destroying anything in its path. Several villagers in the town of Aita Al Shab have reported seeing hail size bombs soaking they’re village; Israel denies these claims.

So what can we expect in the weeks and months ahead? Well, for sure the summer rains will continue to fall upon the Palestinian people, as the World barely takes notice. Expect expulsions of residents in The West Bank, due to flooding of settlers in the area. And if the weather tracking is correct we can expect Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to push the rain into parts of Syria.

Well that’s it from the weather center. I have more on this storm later in the week. And remember folks there are things you can do to stop this storm from getting any more out of hand than it already has. Write to your elected officials and demand that they help out with humanitarian assistance; insist that a boycott of Israeli goods and services be implemented to slow down the path of this storm, and as the Priests in Jerusalem have done, condemn the evil known as Christian Zionism.

Reporting live from cyberspace, this is Skip Haegel.


Ibrahamav said...

Flight 93
by Naomi Ragen
Although I have been avoiding Hollywood movies about terror
attacks, for fear of running into another Spielberg,
terrorist-apologist piece of crap, I read reviews of Flight
93, and decided to chance it.
For those unaware of the movie, it is the real-time
reenactment of the fourth plane to be hijacked on 9/11. The
first three hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
Flight 93 crashed in an open field in Pennsylvania on its
way to crash into the White House. It was taken down by the
passengers who revolted against the killers in an effort to
wrest control of the cockpit from them.
What I expected to see was the killers and the passengers
with their families before the flight, some background.
Instead, the movie simply follows the killers the morning of
9/11 from their homes and their Muslim morning prayers
Newark Airport, making you feel as if you are sitting with
them in the departure lounge (a place I have been many
times) on that fateful day. They look absolutely ordinary,
and not even very Middle-Eastern, so that you wouldn't give
them a second look. We see the other passengers talking on
their cell phones, doing crosswords -- absolutely nothing we
all haven't seen and been a part of a hundred times.
What gives this film its unique position is its stark,
almost brutal, honesty. It simply follows the story as
accurately as it can, showing the day from the point of view
of the flight controllers, military, flight 93 pilots and
passengers. Since we all know the end, the tension can be
cut with a buzz saw. But ultimately, what you have is an
amazing work, a film that allows you to forget you are
watching a film and not sitting on the plane on that fateful
day. What the film manages to accomplish, by not ramming
an oh-so- politically correct point of view down your throat
ala Tony Kushner-- or any point of view-- is that the clouds
are brushed away and you are forced to see, no matter your
political take, the stark reality, the enormity of the evil
perpetrated that day in the name of someone's god (I do not
capitalize to distinguish this entity from the real God), by
people who have the sick audacity to lift hands covered with
the blood of innocent strangers palms up in prayer.
Why is this important? I'll tell you. Because people
refuse to see it for what it is. Refuse to get it. They
want to tell themselves: "There are two sides to every
story, and you, the victim, couldn't have been blameless.
Because if you were, than I, who am certainly blameless,
could have something similarly horrible and unjust happen to
me." Sometimes, when I talk to people about the horrors of
Islamic terrorism, they stare at me blankly. That is when I
wish they could have been sitting with me in the Park Hotel
on Seder night.

Ibrahamav said...


I wish they could have seen the children
and their parents and grandparents in the lobby, hugging
each other. I wish they could have heard the sound of ten
kilograms of explosives detonating, blowing out all the
windows. I wish they could have seen the blood-drenched
floor. Perhaps then they would understand that there is good
and evil, and it's absolute.
Writer-director Paul Greengrass' detailed, precise real-time
re-creation of this terrorist act does exactly that. All
those who have been unable or unwilling to understand what
is at stake in the war against terror will perhaps awaken
from their long, dangerous sleep, which does nothing but
allow the terrorists to keep on killing.
It's a film that will shake you to the core. It will
frighten you. And ultimately, it will enlighten you to the
truth of the human condition, to good and evil, and to how
really simple it all is when you open your eyes and see
clearly. Everyone should see this, except victims of
terror, because they've already seen it.