Monday, January 15, 2007

Letter to Mr. President

Dear W,

Is it alright if I call you that? I mean, you seem like a down home kinda guy; I'm just asking. Anyway, I watched your interview on "60 Minutes" last night and I thought you were just great!


No seriously, I did think that. I love the quick-witted comments you made about the whole Iraq thing. you know what? The progressive left, 75% of the country, Congress (especially Sen. Sam Brownback) and others need to step off!

Who are they to say we shouldn't have more troops in Iraq. They're not president. Right? They aren't are they? I'm just asking cause things move so quickly here in Internet-land.

20,000 more troops is nothing. Besides, we've only lost a little over 3,000. Hell in WWII we lost about 50,000 or so; and in Vietnam we dropped about the same amount, more or less. And look at the war between the states; 620,000!!!!! Gees, Lincoln couldn't manage a war to save his butt that's why Booth shot him. But not you Mr. President (I'm gonna go with this title instead. I don't wanna offend), you've barely even given the U.S. a scratch on the arm in terms of casualties. Good on ya boss!

I'll tell you something Sir, that journalist that interviewed you had some nerve to ask whether mistakes were made. Sure they were, but it's not like you were over there making them. it's not like you were in the military for longer than the amount of time to get fitted for your reserve flight uniform. You have generals, analysts, foot soldiers, and a study group to blame. What were they doing all this time?

I have to admit, I've seen the light now Sir. I had issues with you in the past, but you've made a believer out of me. I don't care what the naysayers say about no WMDs; Saddam not being a threat to the U.S.; insurgencies growing; more than 100 Iraqi bodies a day being found; Conservative military periodicals saying things are being handled bad; an overwhelming majority in the U.S. and the world saying this whole thing is wrong; instability in Iraq being so bad that even the Israelis wished that Saddam was back in power; the whole lot of them don't know Jack!

You just keep doing what our doing Mr. President. You'll right this ship; you'll turn that corner; you'll find those WMDs; the republicans will keep the White House in '08; and history will remember you.

Yes Sir, your doing a heckuva job, W! Thought I'd paraphrase ya when you said that to Brownie when he was down in New Orleans. By the way, hows that shaping up?

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