Tuesday, January 30, 2007

US questions Israel's use of cluster bombs in a rare rebuke

By Ewen MacAskill in Washington

The Guardian
30 January 2007

The US government delivered a mild but rare rebuke to
Israel yesterday when the state department said ith might
have misused American-made cluster bombs in its offensive
against Lebanon last summer. A state department spokesman,
Sean McCormack, said that after a US investigation, a
preliminary classified report had been sent to Congress so
that it could decide whether to pursue the issue. "There
were likely violations," he said.

The UN said last year that Israel had dropped 100,000
cluster bombs that remained unexploded, 90% of them in the
last few days of the war, calling it "immoral".

The UN mine office said last week it had found hundreds of
bomblets of types made by the US among unexploded ordnance
recovered in nearly 250 locations in southern Lebanon.
Given the close relationship between Israel and the US,
with Washington providing huge financial aid, it is
unusual for the US to criticise the country.

When Israel buys cluster bombs and other lethal equipment
from the US, it must agree in writing to restrictions on
their use.

Mr McCormack said the report "is not a final judgment". He
declined to speculate on what action might be taken
against Israel if a violation was confirmed.

The Reagan administration imposed a six-year ban on
cluster weapon sales to Israel in 1982, after a
congressional investigation found misuse of the weapons
during Israel's war that year with Lebnon.

There is no international ban on using cluster bombs
against fighters. But the Red Cross called for a ban
because their indiscriminate nature means civilians are
often the victims. The US, Russia and the UK have resisted
a complete ban.

Mr McCormack said Israeli officials had been cooperative.
The Israeli army has said all the weapons it uses "are
legal under international law and their use conforms with
international standards".

An Israeli government spokesman, Mark Regev, said he was
not aware of the state department report but when the US
had raised cluster bombs in the past, Israel had been
"forthcoming, detailed and transparent".

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