Friday, June 09, 2006

Here comes the flood

When the flood calls You have no home,
you have no walls

In the thunder crash

You're a thousand minds, within a flash

Don't be afraid to cry at what you see

The actors gone, there's only you and me

And if we break before the dawn,
use up what we used to be.

from the song: HERE COMES THE FLOOD by Peter Gabriel

The Palestinians are in the midst of a storm that continues to rain down on they’re lives. As Prime Minister Ehud Olmert strode into Washington DC and addressed both houses of Congress declaring that: Unilateral Realignment is peace, the Israeli Occupation Army continued it’s unrelenting assault upon The Palestinians. As the storm clouds gathered over The West Bank and Gaza Strip, The Israeli version of raindrops, taking the form of tank shells, rubber bullets and live ammunition continued to flood The Occupied Territories.

Yet half way around the World, Olmert poured out empty rhetoric regarding his willingness to sit down and extend: “my hand in peace to Mahmoud Abbas, the elected president of the Palestinian Authority.” All of this sounded so wonderful to assembled, masses of both houses as they stood and gave Olmert a standing ovation.

Yes, Olmert was more than willing to sit down and talk with Abbas, provided that the Palestinians “renounce terrorism, dismantle the terrorist infrastructure, and accept previous agreements and commitments, and recognize the right of Israel to exist.”

This constant refrain from Israel about the Hamas government not recognizing Israel’s right to exist is one they constantly hammer into the minds of the World. And they have a right to do this. I agree, that Hamas should recognize Israel’s right to exist. But what about Palestine’s right to exist? Why is this never brought up in any conversation regarding the subject of Israel/Palestine from the mouths of heads of State or their representatives? Why not demand that Israel abide by the Road Map (Road Block actually), international law, stop building settlements, end extra-judicial killings of “wanted terrorists”, and stop building the wall on Palestinian (excuse me disputed) land?

But of course, Olmert is willing to sit down and talk with Abbas. The man that the US and Israel favored to negotiate for the Palestinians. The man whose Fatah party was overwhelmingly voted out of power by the will of the Palestinian people on January 26th 2006 in a democratic election. The man who is now demanding that the Hamas led PA accept the referendum that he claims is based on a document that was drawn up by both Hamas and Fatah prisoners now sitting in Israeli jails, though no provision exists for a referendum in the Palestinian Constitution.

Israel’s watchword is “terrorism”; a word that plays well on the ears of US lawmakers. Israel claims they are more than willing to negotiate with the Palestinians if they renounce violence; that they are doing the things they are doing now for “Israel’s security”. But no amount of elaborate highways, security fences, demolition of homes, water rationing, limited freedom of movement, and sanctions are for security.

Let’s call this occupation for what it is; a land grab.

The flood is here and it is washing away any reminisce of Palestine.


Ibrahamav said...

Actually, as Israel has total control on the land, they could have taken whatever they wished, including razing any muslim mosque on the Temple Mount.

But they didn't.

While Israel can not guarantee the safety of its citizens (and what country can?), it has the right to try every venue except those that lead to suicide.

misneach said...

actually, as I recall abbas has offered for Hamas to recognise Israel and permanently "renounce terrorism," but only on the condition that Israel stop incursions into Palestinian territory and withdraw to their 1967 borders. I think that's a fair trade... it'll never happen though.

So the cycle of violence continues...

Ibrahamav said...

Because it is not a fair trade. The Palestinian people must be prepared to accept less than what they want. Certainly less than what was offered them in 2000 by Barak.

Anonymous said...

Aw, did I get banned?