Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another Letter

Dear President Bush and Prime Minister Olmert,

As we continue with the drumbeat coverage of the Israeli Occupation Forces ongoing war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank, the World's eyes are transfixed on the escalation of violence In Lebanon.

Along with others I have sat and watched the coverage of suffering that Lebanese people and Israelis have endured.

I have wondered when all of this will be resolved? Why not have an immediate cease fire now President Bush and Prime Minister Olmert? Why not stop the killing now rather than keeping it going? Why drive deeper into Lebanon and cause more death and destruction not only for the Lebanese, but also for the Israelis as well?

Do you honestly think that by destroying the entire infrastructure of Lebanon as well as Gaza and The West Bank that people will throw up their hands and say: "Oh all right you win, I know when I am beat!" is this what you think might happen?

It's wishful thinking if you ask me. Destroying a grassroots movement like Hezbollah or Hamas has never been successful in the past and there is no need to think that it will be now. What you may very well be doing is to ferment the seeds of anger not only of the Shia and Sunni in the region but the Christians and Druze as well.

It concerns me when I hear statements from Israeli Generals that they have much work to do in order to stop Hezbollah and Hamas. What of the innocents? What of the three-month old baby who was wounded yesterday by Israeli tank shells? What about the almost 100 Israelis that have died? There are hospitals in Gaza that are completely overwhelmed with injured men, women and children. What is the point of bombing any car in Tyre if you see one on the roads, you do realize that there are many in that city who did not have the means to leave after you kindly dropped leaflets warning them to go? And if this were not enough, the media due to the ongoing battle ragging in the North of Israel and Lebanon, the media have turned a blind eye to what is happening in Gaza.

I've heard the same tired expressions for the last several weeks. We are fighting against terrorists, we want Syria and Iran to stop funding weapons to Hezbollah. well, why not start Mr. Bush by stopping military aid to Israel? And please don't bring up the whole anti-Semitism thing because it's really not anti-Semitic to call out a government on indiscriminate bombing of innocents.

Oh and before I finish, I know Hezbollah might hide amongst civilian populations, but even Amnesty Intl and Human Rights Watch say that is no reason to still drop the bomb in the region of where the civilians are.

So, I'll leave you two now to mull this over for the maximum allowed five seconds and then I'm sure your the lovely Zionists and Christian Zionists will begin their rants, but it doesn't bother me.

I am reminded of what the singer Michael Franti once sung about:

"You can bomb the World to pieces
but you can't bomb the World into Peace."

Christopher Brown


Jonathan Scott said...

What's up, player. Where's your suggestions? What should we do? What would you do if bad people were lobbing explosives into your cities and hid among civilian populations? We got bored reading about what you wouldn't do, so how about giving us some viable alternatives?

Anonymous said...

Bad people kill innocent people .... So .... Nuke both Israel, USA, the Middle East, everywhere in the world where there are people hurting innocent civilians ... what about this alternative ... other than that

I agree with that letter of Mr. Brown, well written, too bad, the current leaders of this world, are just a bunch of war mongerers, who sadly, might lead this world to its doom, not like I care, am just bored of all this death and destruction caused by a bunch of rich pricks, who toys with the lifes of simple people ...

Anonymous said...

Well I hate Israel now, in addition to the U.S. and Britain, good job Bush and Olmert - you've created a terrorist.

We'll get our revenge.

Anonymous said...

Revenge, is not the solution, imho. A lot of people, have lost precious ones, on both side of war, and continue, remaining as pawns, in the hands of their government leaders, all crying for vengeance, eventually leading to more pain and cries.