Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Three Worst Men

There were three men competing to see who the worst one in the world is.

The first one attacked a woman and raped her so savagely that she fainted. He turned
to the others and said, "I am the worst one of all."

The second man stepped up and beat her until her teeth fell out and she bled from
her nose and ears until she was almost dead. He turned to the others and said, "No
one can be worse than me."

The third one stepped up, smiled coldly, and said, "No, I am the worst one even
though I just stood by and watched, because this woman is my sister.

The woman here represents Lebanon and Palestine.
The first man is Israel.
The second is America & the West.
The third is the Arab world that stood by and did nothing.


Taysiir said...

A cold way to put it, but its the sad truth.

RoxieAmerica said...

Decades of violence, and the peacemakers of earth have failed for decades. Peacemakers from near and from far, professing themselves to wise have been shown to be fools incapable of bringing about a lasting peace.

steve said...

man, you guys are some sick pups. If you were to purge the hate-filled terrorists from your midst, quit whining, and teach your children that success is achieved by a decent education,hard work and not blaming others,you would not be such failures. But of course, you won't.

Sick pups,indeed,with a future you have earned and deserve. Mighty sad..