Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gaza Watch 13: Israeli incursions continue

Israeli warplanes strike on Gaza homes, 10 wounded

Deutsche Presse Agentur
25 August 2006

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strike on Gaza homes, 10 wounded Begins new cycle Gaza

Nine Palestinians were injured when Israeli warplanes
rocketed two Palestinian-owned homes before dawn Friday in
the northern Gaza Strip and in Gaza City, witnesses and
security sources reported.

Eyewitnesses said that three Palestinian civilians were
wounded when an Israeli warplane fired two missiles at a
house that includes a metal workshop in Gaza City. The
building was destroyed.

One of the missiles did not explode, said the residents,
adding that explosives experts were at the scene.
Ambulances and firefighters evacuated the three civilians
to a Gaza hospital.

Shortly before the house was targeted, Israeli F16
warplanes targeted another house in Jabalia refugee camp
in northern Gaza Strip, said Palestinian residents. The
four-storey building was destroyed.

Palestinian medics said that seven Palestinians were
wounded in the airstrike on the house, which belongs to a
member of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the Fatah movement's
armed militant wing.

Palestinian security sources reported that the Israeli
army notified the owners of the two houses by telephone to


Israeli warplanes strikes Gaza

Agence France Presse
25 August 2006

GAZA CITY (AFX) - An Israeli warplane attacked and
destroyed a metal workshop in Gaza City in the early
hours, a Palestinian security official said, but had no
information about any casualties.

The Israeli military confirmed the attack.

'The target was a hidden arms cache. There was a warning
to occupants to leave before the attack,' an Israeli
military spokeswoman said.

Last night, an Israeli aircraft fired two missiles at a
three-storey building in the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza,
which collapsed, Palestinian sources said, adding there
were no casualties.

Residents of the apartment building, which belonged to a
member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, an armed faction of
the Fatah movement of president Mahmud Abbas, were warned
in a telephone call minutes before the strike and had time
to evacuate, the sources said.


Taysiir said...

IDF Air Force Commander: "Hello mustafa, how is the family doing?"

Mustafa: " Oh, by Allah's Will, they are doing good, and what about yours?"

IDF AFC: "Likewise, just wanted to tell you, bombs are going to fall on your house, in 5-10 minutes, nuff time for you to evacuate"

Mustafa: " Aint that the 3rd time in a week you are bombing my new house?"

IDF AFC: "Mustafa, for the 3rd time, I told you not to say we are harming you, thats anti-semitic and you know how the top brass are, next thing you know we might be asked to use stealth bombers to get Mel Gibson"

Ibrahamav said...

Very cute. Did you get an "A" for antisemitism? Or a "C-" for failing to recognize reality?