Saturday, July 14, 2007

Revolution Podcast Avaialable!

This week on Crossing The Line, no time in the recent history of the Palestinian people have things been so devoid of hope. The Palestinian national movement is arguably at its lowest point. Osamah Kahlil will speak about the need for a revamped PLO and a radical change in course to save Palestinian unity.

Also this week I'll speak to Sami Abdelshafi a Gaza resident and businessman about life after the Hamas takeover and what might lie ahead for the strip's 1.5 million residents.

Plus, Rania Masri joins me to discuss the latest news from the troubled Palestinian camp of Nahr el-Bared in Tripoli Lebanon.

And, from Cottage Grove, OR The War's Toll compiled and read by Scott Burgwin of The Stand Independent news Service.


Anonymous said...


Its Jeff Fisher.

I am free again and soon the peace plan will become reality.

July 27, 2004 Baypoint School
On July 18th, 2007
Jeff Fisher said:

Today, July 18th,2007 I, Mr. Jeff Fisher have already visited two embassies and presented the book The American Patriot by Gary Koniz to them. The book is what freed me from prison which Hillary Clinton had me locked up. I read an email about her and they said I was going to hurt her. I am a man of peace. Last year I had to learn that she was involved with Baypoint School since 1997.

I have Christ in my life and the truth shall prevail.
I have fought for all voters, all parties) regarding your voting rights and so many others.

I will continue because Martin Luther King did bless me in 1967 and four other children.

Mr. Barack Obama has covered up Baypoint School since last year.

I was so disappointed with him in 2005 when he had a chance to challenge the electoral college after the 2004 election. Only Barbra Boxer had the guts and courage to do so in the Senate.

I had gotten information to him prior to that event with considerable help from Jennifer Lynn Masaryk Ellis.

I have to thank Al Sharpton for all the help he gave me in 2005. Al has done so much for this nation and the African American Christian and Muslim Communities. I have to thank Jesse Jackson for taking my information last year just days prior to the 97th Annual NAACP Convention and I am ashamed of Geraldine Ferraro whom i handed information over to regarding Baypoint School and the theft of Erskin Bowels and Tom Daschle 2004 Senatorial Races. I voted for Mondale in 1984. Walter should have chosen a better women. I wish Louis Farrakhan had met me because I was so proud of his efforts in the Million Man March.

The Truth Shall Prevail and Peace will be attained in the Middle East due to a Peace Plan written in 2003

Asad Ramallah said...

You are right, keeping the Palestinians unity is very important, and every effort in this issue should be made.
In addition, We can all feel the lack of hope, but it doesn’t really matter to anyone at this moment, because nothing is being done right now..

Asad al nimr,

Unknown said...


Please get this to all news services in the Middle East

I am honored to meet someone from Dawlat al Bahrayn

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Please read and contact me ASAP.

I love your blog. The people are so beautiful.

This is very real and this is the headline.

New American Policy under the
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Anonymous said...

Great blog, great information

Avi said...

I have an amazing idea. I'll personally pay for the plane tickets for the Arabs of Judea and Samaria to get to the US, Canada or Europe. The West needs workers and the Arabs need out. Its a perfect solution.

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Anonymous said...

hey jeff fisher.......what is it in your poisonous black hole of a brain...that cant stand the jews who have been stepped on maimed burnt and killed on a massive wave of hatred by the world over the last 3000 years...that these people who have given 10 times over in art and literature what ever futile people you come from...a tiny weeny piece of this earth to call their own...whats the matter..the arabs dont have enough land and money......

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you guys all need help. You're a bunch of charlatans. You guys are one of the major reasons our country sucks. You post a bunch of inconclusive, incoherent nonsense and you get the idiots in this country all worked up for absolutely no reason. Moreover, I read about your felony charges, I hope you get the help you need.