Thursday, May 11, 2006

10 more questions

Well maybe I shouldn’t do this but what the hell it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want! I have, again, some more questions for Prime Minister Olmert, President Bush, and The European Union to answer. And yes, I know, you’re much to busy to bother with little old me, but I thought I’d throw these at you any way. Okay, you ready? Here we go!

1. After Ray McGovern debunked all the crap that your buddy tried to pass off as truth, President Bush, are you willing to finally admit that Donald “Rummy” Rumsfeld was a horrible choice as Defense Secretary?

2. Prime Minister Olmert, I thought no one from the Israeli government was suppose to meet with members of Hamas: Does this mean that Motti Zaken, advisor on Arab affairs should get whacked like Avigdor Liberman says anyone who associates with Hamas should?

3. Prime Minister Olmert, just wondering are you on speaking terms at all with Shlomo Ben-Ami at all or has he completely pissed you off?

4. This is a question for any of you governments reading this; Is it really wise to let patients die due to lack of drugs because your still ticked off that Hamas was elected democratically?

5. Seriously, 300 tank shells land in Gaza for four Qassam rockets that land in Israel, isn’t that a tad excessive?

6. Has someone alerted Brandeis University about the exhibit of Israeli and Palestinian artists? Maybe this is one they’ll finally accept.

7. Prime Minister Olmert any idea of when the next round of shelling will commence in Gaza? I figure it’s not a matter of “if” but “when”. Even Israeli journalist Amira Hass and most Gaza residents seem to be saying the same thing. Do you think you could ballpark it for me?

8. Ah…I have a question about restoring aid for Palestinians, oh and this is directed at the US and EU guys. Yes, you fellas in the blue pinstripes (By the way nice suits) You all said that Hamas needed to recognize Israel, renounce violence and respect previous international accords, right? Well, if Hamas does that do you think you could Israel to do the same?

9. Prime Minister Olmert and President Bush I hate to sound like a broken record, but even after Hamas won the national elections, did you really think you were going to change them into Fatah? I’ll bet you never wished democratic elections on the Palestinian people now huh?

10. I’m appealing to Israel, Hamas, The EU and The US, can you just sit the hell down and talk rather than taking it out on children who don’t deserve to live in a protracted hell? I mean, be reasonable guys!


Unknown said...

Great questions, Chris. Would that these leaders would consider them critically let alone dare to answer them... Bush even failed to engage with President Ahmadinejad's letter addressed to him, which raises some of these issues in a sincere and thought provoking way. And still the U.S. avoids any attempt at diplomacy despite all of their rhetoric. How can we ever keep the U.S. from following Israel's rhetorical games.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think that maybe the mental gulf is just too deep to cross. Stuff just gets repeated ad nauseum, to no avail. Truths get twisted again and again, and it appears reasonable - for we all see the world through the strange glasses of propaganda.

So, I will make just a few notes here that might actually encourage some thought:

Just what is Israel shelling? Where are the Quassams flying? Has the shelling been an effective tool in neutralizing the Quassams?

(answers: empty land from which Quassams are launched. Into Israeli civilian centers. Somewhat, yes)

What is the stated goal of Hamas that Israel has such problems with? What is the stated goal of Israel that Hamas has such problems with? Why would Israel be so unwilling to deal with Hamas?

(answers: The destruction of Israel and the implementation of radical Sharia state on its territory. Survival. Because Hamas wants Israel to be destroyed, the Jews killed, and Sharia implemented everywhere + because so far the PA has refused/subverted any attempt to make a lasting peace).

And lastly, my favorite hypothetical questions:

What would happen were all Palestinians to suddenly adopt radical pacifism?
What would happen were all Israelis to suddenly adopt radical pacifism?

(answers: peace and prosperity for all. Wholesale slaughter of Jews and the bloody destruction of Israel, followed by the formation of yet another backward totalitarian theocracy in the Middle East).

Just give it some thought, eh, cous'?

Ibrahamav said...

Is it really wise to let patients die due to lack of drugs because you're still ticked off that Israel exists?

Seriously, does the Palestinian terrorist get to decide that Israel's response is a tad excessive?

Israel already respects previous international accords that apply. What is keeping Hamas from doing so?

Who knew that the Palestinians would democratically decide to commit suicide? Bet you wish they hadn't the choice.

I’m appealing to Palestinians and Hamas. Can you just sit the hell down and talk rather than taking it out on your own children who don’t deserve to live in a protracted hell? I mean, be reasonable guys! You're both basically terrorist organizations.