Wednesday, May 10, 2006

spin it, corporate news, spin it!

Chris, thanks for the article by the illustrious Ali Abunimah.

People should read the article carefully, and then go back and read what you've been subjected to by the corporate news outlets today. As always, Palestinians are once again being portrayed as needing salvation from themselves (or their elected leaders) by the "humanitarians" at the UN. Of course, strings are attached to this latest "aid" deal... and once again, strings are being pulled guessed it, Israel and Condi Rice, neither of whom never need to be accountable for any war crimes in which they may engage.

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Ibrahamav said...

Viewing the palestinian situation, it is obvious that the Palestinians need salvation from themselves AND their elected leaders.

But just because the palestinians voted themselves into a more miserable life than they had under Arafat's dictatorship does not entitle them to charity from the western world.

Let the Arab nations rescue them with no 'strings' attached.