Monday, April 10, 2006

And so it goes.

As a new day arises, the same old things continue to happen in Israel/Palestine. The Israeli government said it would sever all ties with the Hamas led government because of it is a "hostile entity."

However, the government of Israel said it will continue talks with Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).

During my recent time in Palestine, I spoke with many people who felt that it didn't matter who was in charge of the PA. They felt that Israel has no intention of negotiating a just and lasting peace.

Many feel that it wouldn't make a difference if Hamas, Abu Mazen or Ghandhi, for that matter, negotiated with the Israelis. No substantial gains would be made by the Palestinians.

It is ironic that the Palestinians are being told to lay down their arms by the Israelis. When in fact, extra-judicial killings continue to happen in Gaza and The West Bank at the hands of the Israeli millitary.

Both Israel and The United States claim to be democracies, and have encouraged the Palestinians to show their own desire for freedom by voting in a free and fair election. Well, this happened back in January, but not the way the Americans and Israelis would have hoped.

I remember watching Bush stand before the White House Press corps right after the elections. He had a bewilldred look on his face. And said that he could not have any contact with a government that had an "armed wing." I'm not sure what he call's the NSA, CIA, FBI and the Armed forces, but that's for another time.

There will continue to be more of the same in The West Bank and Gaza. The Israelis will continue to act unilaterally on setting borders. The US will continue to fund the destruction of Palestine, and many of us will sit back and say nothing. And so it goes.

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