Monday, April 17, 2006

How long?

We see the sufferring in newspapers, online, hear it on the radio, yet, nothing happens for the good of the people.

Parents bury children, children bury parents.

What can we say to those with anguished faces, filled with rage, sorrow, and despair?

We must be the ones who give the people a voice. We must tell their stories. We must not forget them.
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A friend of mine once spoke to me when we were both attending the funneral of a South African activist in 1992 who had been killed by the South African Security Police; "I'm getting tired of going to funnerals. Just once, I'd like to be invited to a wedding reception, birthday party, or happy event. How many more of our own must we bury before someone takes notice and says, 'Enough!'"

How long will it continue? It will continue until we all have the courage to say "Enough!" and put an end to all this madness.

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