Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Still waiting.

My father once had an interview, that I read about later, with a journalist about the end of apartheid. The journalist felt that apartheid in South Africa at the time in the 1980s was dead.

My father, being the cynical man that he was made this reply:

"Well" he started, "They told me apartheid was dead in the 1950s, but the surpression of communism act said otherwise. They told me it was dead in the 1960s, but the Sharpville Massacre, which left 69 people dead after being shot in the back, showed me otherwise. They told me it was dead in the 1970s, but seeing the slaughter of thousands of children, that began on 16 June 1976, at the hands of the security police told me otherwise. It is now the 1980s and I am still waiting to go to it's funeral."

Still waiting, when will apartheid die all over the World?

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